Saturday, November 7, 2015

to want or to be wanting

I think of you
and Frank Ohara

which was his
but has been mine
and I think is yours
now especially
as you are

death and fog
have been heavy
this week

if any of us
has been able to see
far past the near
I doubt it
  certainly not me              If I could be your anchovy
   filled as I am                   in a second
    with ambition                 I would

for a taste of you
 or anyone                  
                     I'd do
    in bed                    much

         I don't

Monday, October 26, 2015

Poem or facebook status

Dear Callabash
 I've been flirting with
 For years
  Should I accept
   She isn't into me
    Or will we someday tell our kids
     About my funny

Friday, October 23, 2015

extraction and edit from 7/2011

In the beginning
The first man stood in the heavens.
On the bones of his ancestors
Lucifer fell 
angels hurled mountains of cheese
A giant leap

The rind of the moon makes pungent stock.
The necklace of the moon wins suitors.
The gown of the moon frustrates fathers.
The howl of the moon is the wild call.
The moon sees the one I love.
There's a rabbit in it, and a man, and a spider.

the celestial choir
 and the whirling dust and the planetary punctuation,
 is loved, 
has been loved, 
will be loved
in the disparation.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Edit of 6/10/12

No I                           No I(.)Am not(.)these words
not am                               Am not(.)dying.                                
dying and                              Am (not) dying.           these words dying.
these words                                          dying these words.
are always hers                                                           these words are (always)
longing ex                                                                   these words are (hers).
as without                             As (always) without her.     (with, as without) her, these words are.
her these words
and cells                 these words are cells. are these words cells? prisons (or) blood. prisons (for blood)
send the signal                 these words are cells for blood
blood flow                          these words flow?
winter                                                             (fall?)
does not sum
the whole of
to come                              No I / am not / to come /
                                             (fall of a sparrow)

"I am not dying.
These words are cells.
Winter does not sum the whole of silence."

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Where else I'd write a poem
I'm instead inspired to stillness
A feeling of immobility
A sure knowledge of
To wait

A poor swimmer - edit

pressed to you
we are as near
 as though we lay
on the far shores
 of a river.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shanties for Landies - 1

We'll stay where we are and we'll live and we'll die here.
We'll stay where we are and we'll never more roam.
When you work for your bread there's no time for adventure
We work til we're blasted and then we go home.